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Dr. Alex Mandel, a self-described "Amelia Earhart fanatic" intentionally misleads the public about Irene Craigmile Bolam using Wikipedia as a platform to do so.

An Important Note: The Wikipedia 'Irene Craigmile Bolam' page created and solely moderated by Dr. Alex Mandel of the Ukraine is purposefully misleading. Juxtaposed to what it states, NO forensic expert was EVER hired by the National Geographic Society who conclusively nullified the 'Amelia became Irene' postulation. In fact, NO forensic expert EVER conclusively nullified the public assertion originally made by retired USAF Major Joseph A. Gervais in 1970, that stated Amelia Earhart managed to live on after she went missing in 1937 and later surfaced in the United States known as 'Irene Craigmile.' Rather, forensic research conducted decades later easily confirmed there was a high level of importance to his assertion. 

Wikipedia's Folly
folly: lack of good sense; foolishness
Note: Wikipedia is a 'public information supplied' forum. It is not a recognized source for 'official world history' record keeping.
WARNING: Wikipedia's 'Irene Craigmile Bolam' page combined information about the original Irene O'Crowley Craigmile with the former Amelia Earhart, who, after World War Two used the original Irene's same identity in the United States.
Wikipedia's page also incorrectly leads one to believe the National Geographic Society hired a forensic detective who 'disproved' the 'Amelia became Irene' equation by "concluding the two were not the same." This never happened. Dr. Alex Mandel twisted information around that was shown in a National Geographic Channel special that aired in 2006 to make it sound like it did.
Below, Wikipedia featured this photograph of the former Amelia Earhart on its 'Irene Craigmile Bolam' page, and omitted how the same Irene identity was attributed to two other Twentieth Century women.
Below: This is the woman Joseph A. Gervais met-and-photographed in 1965. She is shown here in Detroit, Michigan in 1976. Wikipedia identifies her as the one and only, "Mrs. Irene Craigmile Bolam." [Wikipedia's supplied 1980 date of the photo is incorrect.] Tod Swindell's new millennium forensic comparison study proved this Mrs. Irene Craigmile Bolam, who was identified nowhere as "Irene" prior to the mid-1940s, was formerly known as Amelia Earhart.

Below: Wikipedia's 'Irene Craigmile Bolam' page supplements the consistent measures of obfuscation the Amelia-became-Irene reality has long been subjected to.
'Conspiracy' and 'cover-up' were negative descriptions that inappropriately characterized certain aspects of Amelia Earhart's disappearance circumstances and eventual return to the United States with the different identity of Irene Craigmile applied to her person. Anymore it is clear false descriptions were applied to the 'Amelia became known as Irene' reality over the years to steer news media sources away from the 'recognizable truth' of Amelia Earhart's name-changed survival. Dissenters equally embraced a quiet motto projected by official history's long held viewpoint: 'The mystery of Amelia Earhart exists because it's supposed to exist.'

Below are portions of the Irene Craigmile Bolam page solely built by Dr. Alex Mandel of the Ukraine, who also moderates it. built by the public encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Tod Swindell's corrections to Dr. Mandel's misleading information are inserted in red. Note: Dr. Mandel has always maintained a condescening stance toward the Amelia-became-Irene reality.
[The photo below, reprinted from Wikipedia, features the former Amelia Earhart taken in Detroit, Michigan in 1976.]
"Irene Craigmile Bolam"

"Irene Craigmile Bolam c.1980"
Dr. Alex Mandel's Wikipedia supplied comments on Irene Craigmile Bolam are in black. Tod Swindell's editorial responses are in red.
"Born October 1, 1904 Newark, NJ" (No birth certificate found. 1920 census listed her age as "14")
"Died July 7, 1982, Bedford, New Jersey" (The record states she died at Roosevelt Hospital in Edison, New Jersey on that date.)
"Occupation Banker, Homemaker" (There was more than one Twentieth Century woman attributed to the same Irene Craigmile Bolam identity. The one pictured  above was the famous pilot known as Amelia Earhart in the United States prior to 1938. Recall folk-lore has it that Amelia Earhart "disappeared without a trace in 1937 and was never seen again." In 1946, Amelia Earhart reemerged in the U.S. newly identified as Irene Craigmile. Amelia had been an excellent charge with her former husband, George Putnam when it came to her personal, flying career, and brand business finances. Thus, after some orientation she was ensconced with a new career in the banking industry in Long Island, New York until she married Englishman, Guy Bolam in 1958, a successful executive with Radio Luxembourg. She married Guy Bolam the day after her true 61st birthday, July 25, 1958, and she retired from banking soon after that. Her last official title was Senior Loan Officer and Assistant Vice President of the National Bank of Great Neck, Long Island. As Amelia she had lived in Great Neck for awhile when she was in her mid-twenties. Overall Amelia was very familiar with the geography of Long Island having spent so much time there during her flying career, so naturally her segue to living there as 'Irene' after the war included that pre-advantage.)
"Spouse(s) Guy Bolam, Charles Craigmile, Alvin Heller" (The original Irene Craigmile was married to Charles Craigmile from 1928 until he died in 1931. In 1933 the original Irene Craigmile became pregnant out of wedlock from her flight instructor, Al Heller, and eloped to marry him. Their marriage quickly disintegrated and was soon after annulled. By the early 1940s the original Irene Craigmile was no longer evident and clear photos of her person were thoroughly expunged. Her son, Larry Heller, was raised by a surrogate mother figure. The former Amelia Earhart shared the same name and identity of Irene Craigmile with his surrogate mother figure after World War Two, and later became known as 'Irene Bolam' by virtue of her 1958 marriage to Guy Bolam of England.)

"Parents Richard J. O'Crowley and Bridget Doyle O'Crowley" (Below is a 1930 photograph displaying the original Irene Craigmile in between her then husband, Charles Craigmile, and her father, Richard Joseph O'Crowley. She was not the same "Irene Craigmile Bolam" Dr. Alex Mandel's Wikipedia page identifies. Amelia Earhart knew the original Irene Craigmile in the 1930s and went on to acquiesce her left over identity for her own later-life use after World War Two. Important people helped her with the process of her becoming known as "Irene.")  

The original Irene Craigmile (Bolam) 1930.
Amelia's friend with her husband and father, seen no more after the 1930s, ignored by Wikipedia.

Take a look at the two photos below. Realize they were forensically identified as 1940s photos of two different people history described to have been one in the same person, whose full name had been; "Irene Madaline O'Crowley Craigmile Heller Bolam."  (More simply; Irene Craigmile Bolam.) One photo bears the image of the former Amelia Earhart in 1946 (who Joe Gervais later met and photographed in 1965) and the other bears the image of the another woman identified by the original Irene Craigmile's son, Larry Heller as the 'mother' he recalled from his childhood. The former Amelia Earhart appears nowhere in photos identified as 'Irene' prior to the mid-1940s.

Irene Craigmile 1946

Another Irene Craigmile, early 1940s

Below: Of the three different women historically identified as 'one in the same' Irene Craigmile Bolam, only one bore a head to toe congruence to Amelia Earhart. ('Irene-Amelia' refers to equal overlay belnds of the Irene who was formerly known as Amelia Earhart and and photos of her when she was known as Amelia Earhart.) Dr. Alex Mandel is highly aware of this, but he intentionally left it out of the information he furnished on his self-built Wikipedia page. 

The Gervais-Irene & Amelia
Two photos in an equal blend.
Irene-1963 / Amelia-1928, age thirty-one.
Irene-1965 / Amelia-1933
Irene-1976 / Amelia-1932
Irene-1978 / Amelia-1929

Believe in the truth.

Believe in what is real. 

In 2017, Protecting Earhart's, Tod Swindell finalized and copyrighted his long term Irene Craigmile Bolam Versus Amelia Earhart forensic research and human comparison study. His study results enabled him to claim the forensic solving of Amelia Earhart's eight decades old missing person case in his name and in the names of his long-time collaborators, Randall Brink, Joseph A. Gervais (posthumously), Rollin C. Reineck (posthumously), and Joe Klaas (posthumously).
To contact Tod Swindell directly about his multi-tiered Amelia Earhart IP objectives, including rights to his feature film, "The Lost Electra," his Earhart animation project, and various literary IP's, not to leave out his two-decades long 'Irene-Amelia journey,' send an e-mail query to or phone his voice-mail at 323-317-0886. Viable reach outs will be put in touch with his Entertainment Attorney. Thank You.

Click here to e-mail Protecting Earhart/ E-mail address: advertises nothing but the truth about Amellia Earhart. It has existed as a World Wide Web internet website since 2007. Although periodically shouted down by naysayers, it has never been overchallenged. It features researcher, Tod Swindell's first ever embarked on, "Comprehensive Forensic Analysis and Forensic Comparison Study" that, 1.) Proved more than one person used the same 'Irene' identity. 2.) Displayed the head-to-toe physical and character-traits congruence the Joseph A. Gervais 1965 recognized "Irene Bolam" shared with Amelia Earhart. 3.) Proved the Joseph A. Gervais 1965 recognized "Irene Craigmile Bolam" appeared nowhere identified as 'Irene' prior to the mid-1940s, ultimately concluding against the grain fo conventional knowledge, that she and Amelia Earhart marked the same physical human being in younger and older forms going by different names.
Tod Swindell's forensic analysis endeavor was initiated in 1997. It first received national notice in 2002 while it was in progress. His original titled manuscript, Protecting Earhart: The Beautiful Alter Ego and Silent Legacy of History's Most Famous Flying Heroine has been housed and registered at the Writers Guild of America West since 2004, #1033972, and was ultimately copyrighted after several revisions and updates in 2014, # TXu 1-915-926. It was again copyrighted in 2017 with additional combined elements from the forensic study newly inserted, # TXu 2-061-539. For subsidiary-rights inquiries call 323-317-0886 is dedicated to the past tireless efforts of the late USAF Major Joseph A. Gervais [1924-2005] and the late USAF Col. Rollin C. Reineck [1920-2007], two World War Two heroes who began expounding on the 'Amelia became Irene' truth decades ago. A major thank you goes to Tod Swindell's chief collaborative partner, Lost Star author, Randall Brink, who worked directly with Joseph Gervais for well over a decade before introducing Tod Swindell to him in 1996. A thanks also goes out to pilot-author, Ann Holtgren Pellegreno, who supplied additional 'Irene' photo data and handwritten letters for the study, along with much similar data Joseph Gervais and Rollin Reineck forwarded Tod's way after it was transferred from a 1970s good friend of Mrs. Bolam's, the late Diana Dawes. All of these elements combined enabled the study to reach its reality based conclusion. Thanks as well to former CIA operative, Bazzell Baz, who provided some keen insight to this Earhart truth seeking endeavor when it was first getting underway in Santa Monica, CA in the mid-1990s.
Joseph A. Gervais, who is still considered by many to have been the most knowledgeable Amelia Earhart investigative researcher ever to pursue the truth, first asserted the Irene-Amelia reality in 1965. The controversial 1970 McGraw-Hill book by Joe Klaas, Amelia Earhart Lives delved into the enormous amount of Joe Gervais' investigative research and displayed the first nationally published photo of Mrs. Irene Craigmile Bolam, AKA the Gervais-Irene, FKA 'Amelia Earhart.'
From Tod Swindell: "Regardless of the fallout caused by Amelia Earhart Lives after 1970, my good friends, Major Gervais and Colonel Reineck spent the remaining decades of their lives working to better advance the reality of Amelia Earhart's name-changed survival to authenticity, after enduring their own long term evaluations of the existing evidence that supported it. Their efforts, but especially the decades old, never wavering "Amelia became Irene" assertion made by Joseph A. Gervais, inspired me to orchestrate the forensic analysis that ultimately proved their long held beliefs correct. Colonel Reineck's book, Amelia Earhart Survived that was published in late 2003, and was driven by my 'newly embarked on' forensic comparison study. Portions of my study appeared in his book, although a more extensively display of my material is seen here in Colonel Reineck's book was also the first to credit my study for "proving" how one of the Twentieth Century women who used the same 'Irene' identity had been previously known as Amelia Earhart."
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