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Protecting Earhart
This website previews the Protecting Earhart MSS & first ever
'Amelia Earhart to Irene Bolam Forensic Comparison Analysis'
© 1997-2017 by Tod Swindell
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Below: Does this woman shown in 1965 look to you like Amelia Earhart might have looked had she survived her 1937 disappearance? Probably not, but there is an interesting story about her ambiguous past that has kept people scratching their heads for half a century. 


In 1965, a former U.S. Air Force Captain who had flown missions in World War Two, Korea, and Vietnam met the woman in the above photograph at a gathering of respected pilots from the early days of aviation. The former air force captain's name was Joseph A. Gervais. He was an excellent pilot who logged close to 20,000 hours of flying time during his military career. He was a smart family man as well, known for his solid reputation and impeccable character. Joe Gervais took this 35MM photograph of the woman shown above on the day he met her, August 8, 1965. He had been researching the facts of Amelia Earhart's 1937 disappearance for the previous five years when he was invited to the pilots' annual luncheon in New York by one of Amelia Earhart's 1930s flying friends, Viola Gentry. Viola had asked Joe to come and lecture to her club members about his research findings. She even paid the air-fare and lodging expenses for Joe and his family to make the trip from their home in Nevada. The woman above was known as 'Mrs. Irene Bolam.' Viola was not expecting her to attend the luncheon that day, but she did, accompanied by her British husband, Guy Bolam. After Viola introduced him, Mrs. Bolam acknowledged to Joe Gervais that she used to know Amelia Earhart and that she had often flown with her in the 1930s. Joe Gervais found Mrs. Bolam curious. He also felt she looked hauntingly similar to the way an older Amelia Earhart might have looked had she continued to survive, and he noticed two small items she wore at the bottom of the 'V' on her blouse that looked to be military decorations to him; an Oak Leaf cluster signifying the rank of a Air Force Major affixed next to a square-enameled DFC indicator pin. ['DFC' for 'Distinguished Flying Cross.'] He knew Amelia Earhart had been decorated with both awards before, and where Joe had retired from the Air Force as a Major himself, the 'cluster' she wore was most recognizable to him. As well, he noticed an air of reverence afforded to Mrs. Bolam from the other club members in attendance. Remaining somewhat perplexed about her after he returned to his home in Nevada, Joe began looking into Mrs. Bolam's past. Five years later, he felt he had gleaned enough contradictory information about her to a point where he felt confident enough to assert that she was most likely the 'somehow survived' Amelia Earhart sporting a new identity. Many people called Joe Gervais 'crazy' after a 1970 published book shared his belief with the public, and Mrs. Bolam herself sued him. Except the controversy over who she really was, or used to be, refused to go away as the years passed, and Joe's assertion that she was formerly known as 'Amelia Earhart' proved impossible to disprove as well. So much enabled Joseph A. Gervais to spend the rest of his life until he died in 2005, still maintaining that he was correct about the woman shown above having been previously known as Amelia Earhart, adding at the same time how it was something the public was 'never supposed to know.' Decades later, it was learned that this same 'Mrs. Irene Bolam' was identified nowhere as 'Irene' prior to the mid-1940s. Herein one can learn the other peculiarities pertaining to her inconsistent life story. 

Amelia Earhart, 1937



...Mrs. Irene Bolam in 1965


Above: Proof that Amelia Earhart survived her disappearance in the Pacific? Not really. Amelia is shown here in 1935 with legendary Hawaiian surfer & Olympic swimmer, Duke Kahanamoku doing some outrigging in Hawaii. After the event of Amelia's disappearance led to several decades of debating, in recent years, Protecting Earhart's forensic analysis seriously re-examined the long held assertion of Amelia's private, post-loss existence.

Below: A 1937 photo of Amelia Earhart followed by a sample from Tod Swindell's Protecting Earhart forensic comparison analysis.

Amelia under the nose of her Lockheed Electra 10E, 1937

Different angle and look from the same series, Amelia Earhart, 1937

Any further there is no doubt...
03-aamelia.jpg the veracity of the Amelia/Irene head-to-toe forensic alignment

Above: Amelia and her later-life self, Irene Bolam superimposed with each other from Protecting Earhart's forensic comparison analysis. Their head-to-toe and character trait congruences outed the same individual human being known by different names in different eras. 

Even though it is forensically true how without public awareness, Amelia Earhart managed to survive her storied disappearance and eventually changed her name to 'Irene' during the World War Two years, ostensibly for the sake of her future privacy, her own family and the Smithsonian Institution have never acknowledged it publicly. Instead, ever since the 1970s they maintained the practice of quickly dismissing it out of hand, describing it as "hokum," "baseless," and "unconvincing" in the process. In the meantime the U.S. government always maintained a vigil of 'official silence' toward the controversy over who Mrs. Irene Bolam really was, or used to be. Just the same, it is true that Amelia did live-on after she went missing in 1937, and in time she changed her name to 'Irene.' It is also certain history itself will give-in to the reality of it all in due time--with all that is known about it anymore. Recall it wasn't until 2005, thirty years after he died, that Charles Lindbergh's additional 1950s to 1970s identity of 'Careu Kent' was finally verified.

zzzzbolam1A2.jpg the Gervais-Irene Bolam in 1965

Protecting Earhart's forensic analysis compared many photographs of Amelia Earhart to many photos of her later-life self when she was known as 'Mrs. Irene Bolam.' The photos were superimposed into each other revealing a full head to toe physical congruence. Character traits were also compared that aligned perfectly. The analysis also displays how there were three different Twentieth Century women attributed to the same 'Irene Bolam' identity, and the one shown above in 1965, AKA the 'former' Amelia Earhart, appeared nowhere identified as 'Irene' prior to the mid-1940s. More Protecting Earhart comparison examples are featured throughout, and the truth about how Amelia became Irene is explained in the second page link down on the upper-left hand side.

The information presented in this website pertains to the well storied, 1937 disappearance of Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan. The controversy over what really happened as a result of the failed world-flight attempt that led to their loss, has long remained a highly debated historical subject matter.
Where anyone might offer a legal argument in an effort to explain the actual outcome of their flight, it is essential to remember how the loss of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan was originally called, "a missing persons" case.
Solving a missing person case requires finding the person or finding true body evidence of the person.
In the mid-1990s, after becoming deeply interested in the story of Amelia Earhart's so-called 'disappearance,' I began my own in-depth research that looked into the peculiar record of her world flight outcome. A few years into the new millennium I drew a certain conclusion after thoroughly examining the different theories presented over the years that tried to explain what really happened to Amelia. My opinion was markedly influenced by 1993 Lost Star author, Randall Brink, and a high-profile suggestion offered in the 1970s from famous Amelia Earhart historian, Joseph A. Gervais, who, based on his own findings, asserted that Amelia continued to survive after she went missing, and she eventually resurfaced in the United States sporting a different identity.
This may sound as outlandish to you today as it did to people back then. Just the same, additional information learned about it during past two decades only added further support to the, 'Amelia survived and took on a new identity' postulation. For starters, it was confirmed years ago by Grace Muriel Earhart Morrissey, Amelia's sister and only sibling who died in 1998, that she and the Irene Bolam shown on this page were acquainted with each other and were Zonta sisters in their later life years. The modern look presented here conveys how that was, 'not just a coincidence.' 
Die-hard Amelia Earhart mystery fans are just now starting to grasp the truthful nature of what the Protecting Earhart forensic study accomplished. If you're interested, the second page-link down on the upper left will direct you to what I ascertain to be, "The True Story of Amelia Earhart," of which the additional superimposed photos below continue to offer a preview.
Thank you, Tod Swindell

NOTE: The forensic 'superimposed photographs' displayed here are original copyrighted material. All of the superimposed photographs and document comparison samples that appear in were produced and issued from 1997 to 2017 by Tod Swindell of Protecting Earhart and

Below: From a 1978 formal portrait sitting, one of three Twentieth Century women attributed to the same 'Irene Bolam' identity


She appeared nowhere as 'Irene' prior to the mid-1940s. Note the wings toward her left shoulder; this beautiful, every right to be proud woman died in 1982.

Below: Superimposed with Amelia Earhart


The photo of Amelia came from her book, The Fun Of It






1923, 1978
1933, 1965
1928, 1963

1932, 1976

1928, 1977

Question: What does, 'You can't unring a bell' mean?

Answer: This means that once something has been done, you have to live with the consequences as it can't be undone.

Amelia Earhart

The forensic transition continues...

04-AAAIblend2.jpg reveal the congruence

History Can't Unring The Bell Joseph A. Gervais Rang...
In 1965, after Joseph A. Gervais took his telling 35MM photograph and later asserted that the woman who appeared in it used to be known as Amelia Earhart, it rang a bell of truth that has been impossible to unring ever since. Many people have tried to unring it over the years, but they couldn't do it. In 2006, forty years after Joe Gervais took his photo, even The National Geographic Channel ineffectively tried to unring it on national TV by way of soliciting the opinion of police forensic detective, Kevin Richlin of Riverside, California. Detective Richlin, who was never shown the most convincing comparisons to include the ones shown above, opined the 'Amelia became Irene' postulation looked to be a frivolous exercise to him, but his opinion was only based on the limited amount of data the show's producers gave him to work with. Note: Protecting Earhart's, Tod Swindell, who appeared in the same 2006 Nat Geo special, was not advised about Detective Richlin's participation, nor was he given the opportunity to meet Detective Richlin and show him the full body of his forensic study achievements before the show aired, even though the show's producers were well-aware of their existence.
His past remarks notwithstanding, today Detective Richlin will readily admit to anyone that he did not forensically conclude the Gervais-Irene Bolam and Amelia Earhart were different human beings at any time, even though opposing theorists continue to soap-box that he did.
Below: Thanks to Protecting Earhart's in depth, comprehensive forensic analysis of the Gervais' assertion about Mrs. Bolam, this 1965 photograph he took of her exists today as a documented testimonial of truth, similar to the Zapruder film of President John F. Kennedy's 1963 assassination two years earlier. Film gamma, specially 35MM film gamma only displays the honest quality of what a normal camera lens captures. Joe Gervais confirmed the lens he used to take his 1965 photo of Mrs. Bolam was a standard 50MM lens.


Before Protecting Earhart's Tod Swindell embarked on one, no one had ever conducted a serious forensic analysis of Gervais' controversial assertion about Mrs. Bolam's past. 

Mrs. Bolam said she had known Amelia...
...28 years after Amelia was said to have 'vanished without a trace'

What This Means...
Of course, at first glance this may be hard to believe. Trust knowing, though, this forensic reality has loomed on the horizon for some time now. What it means, basically, is that you have just observed a few of Protecting Earhart's superimposed photo transitions of Amelia Earhart's image morphing into her later-life self. Joseph A. Gervais photographed Mrs. Bolam on the day he met her in 1965. After studying her background, which he realized to be highly ambiguous, his controversial assertion about Mrs. Bolam's past made national news by way of the 1970 book, Amelia Earhart Lives by Joe Klaas, that featured a copy of the 1965 Gervais photo of Mrs. Bolam within it. Joe Gervais met, conversed with, and photographed Mrs. Bolam at a gathering of noteworthy pilots from the early days of aviation that year. From then on to his dying day in 2005, he maintained the same Mrs. Bolam used to be known as 'Amelia Earhart.' To his credit he didn't need a forensic analysis to convince him of a truth he already knew, although he was quite satisfied when he observed Protecting Earhart's initial forensic results before the event of his passing took place.
The final summation once again: After it commenced in 1997, in time Protecting Earhart's study proved how three different Twentieth Century women were attributed to the same Irene Bolam identity, and the one who Joe Gervais met and photographed in 1965 appeared nowhere identified as 'Irene' prior to the mid-1940s. Not to leave out--she matched Amelia Earhart in every aspect. This is because she used to be known as Amelia Earhart, and thanks to Protecting Earhart, anymore this forensic reality exists as an obvious, albeit 'unrecognized' historical truth.

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Protecting Earhart came into existence in 1996 and launched in 2007. Its comprehensive Forensic Analysis and Forensic Comparison Study 1.) Proved more than one person used the same 'Irene' identity. 2.) Displayed the head-to-toe and character-traits congruence the Gervais-Irene shared with Amelia Earhart. 3.) Proved the Gervais-Irene appeared nowhere identified as 'Irene' prior to the mid-1940s, ultimately concluding against the grain fo convention, said two individuals marked the same human being.
Protecting Earhart's forensic analysis began in 1997 and was initially copyrighted in 2002. Author-creator, Tod Swindell's original manuscript, Protecting Earhart: The Beautiful Alter Ego and Silent Legacy of History's Most Famous Flying Heroine has been housed and registered at the Writers Guild of America West since 2004, #1033972, and was ultimately copyrighted after several revisions and updates in 2014, # TXu 1-915-926, then finally, after some important new revisions were made, it was again copyrighted in 2017, # TXu 2-061-539. For publishing and sub-rights availability inquiries send an e-mail to
Protecting Earhart is dedicated to the past tireless efforts of the late USAF Major, Joseph A. Gervais [1924-2005] and the late USAF Col., Rollin C. Reineck [1920-2007], two World War Two heroes who began expounding on the 'Amelia became Irene' truth decades ago. A thanks also goes out to pilot-author, Ann Holtgren Pellegreno, who supplied additional 'Irene' photo data and handwritten letters for my study, that along with the same data Joe Gervais and Rollin Reineck forwarded my way, helped it to reach its reality based conclusion. Thanks as well to former CIA operative, Bazzell Baz, who provided much inspiration into my Earhart truth seeking endeavor when it was first getting underway in the late 1990s.
Major Gervais, who was considered by many to have been the most knowledgeable Amelia Earhart investigative researcher ever to pursue the truth, first asserted the Irene-Amelia reality in 1965. The controversial 1970 McGraw-Hill book by Joe Klaas, Amelia Earhart Lives delved into the enormous amount of Joe Gervais' investigative research and displayed the first nationally published photo of Irene Bolam, AKA the Gervais-Irene, FKA 'Amelia Earhart.' Regardless of the fallout caused by Amelia Earhart Lives, Major Gervais and Colonel Reineck spent the last four decades of their lives working to better advance the claim of Amelia Earhart's name-changed survival to authenticity, after enduring their own long term investigations of the evidence that supported it. Colonel Reineck's book, Amelia Earhart Survived was published in 2004 and was greatly inspired by my 'Protecting Earhart' forensic analysis. Portions of my study appeared in Colonel Reineck's book, though it is more extensively displayed in Protecting Earhart, Beyond 37', and are the intellectual properties of Aether Pictures & Press, LLC.

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